Over $75,000 Worth of Tack Stolen Near Denver Stock Show
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"The Blue Ribbon Saddles that we had stolen look just like this one," said Joni Nelson. "This is an actual picture of one of the saddles. One is 16" and the other 17"."
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A thief broke into Iowa trainer Joni Nelson's trailer Saturday night in Denver during the Denver Stock Show. Nelson parked her trailer at the Quality Inn on Pecos Street about two miles from the fairgrounds overnight in order to pack up and leave the next day. On the way home to Iowa, Joni realized her trailer lock was broken and someone had stolen all of their saddles (show and work - western and english), all bridles, and all of the show and work headstalls. Most of these were Blue Ribbon and some Harris items. Several of the show and work saddles and headstalls were brand new purchases from the 2011 Congress.

CLICK HERE to view pictures of the items stolen.

Joni is filing a police report, but please be on the lookout if you see anyone selling these items. Joni and her crew are in the process of pulling serial numbers together. As of right now, Joni and all of the customers have lost everything. It is estimated that over $75,000 worth of tack has been stolen.

"They stole six Blue Ribbon saddles, one Bobs show saddle, one Bates hunt seat saddle, six show headstalls, four hunt seat bridles, and about seven show bits and reins," Joni told GoHorseShow. "Three show halters were stolen. Two of them were Kathy's brand, one of the two has a leather crown with a stamp of "IQHA 2010" on it with clear stones. The other has blue stones on it. The other has Dot Porter on the crown in silver.  For some reason, they didn't take the tails, another Bob's work saddle, and another hunt seat saddle in the trailer. I thought there was security at the hotel and it would be safe, but I guess that wasn't the case."
Here are the serial numbers for saddles. You can find the serial number by looking under the fender on the left side.

17" show Blue Ribbon saddle


17" Blue Ribbon work saddle


16" Show Blue Ribbon saddle, silver horn with Blue Ribbon tree, squared corners


16" show Blue Ribbon, Silver horn Dowdy tree


16" leather horn Blue Ribbon tree, diamond pattern conchos


16" Blue Ribbon roughout work saddle


Please contact Joni for any information you may have regarding these items at 563-508-5978.
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Added: January 11, 2012. 12:06 PM CDT
Stolen Horse International Inc, aka NetPosse.com
So sorry this happen to you Joni and I do hope your tack is found soon.

We would be glad to help you Joni but we need you to file a report at www.netposse.com for so that we can put all of our tack online on your own webapage with a flyer that anyone in the world can print for you.

We are a nonprofit organization that has worked with victims of horse and tack theft for more than a decade. We'd be glad to help.

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Added: January 10, 2012. 11:58 PM CDT
Joni - you should contact stolen horse international/netposse.com - they have a huge national and international following; they list stolen tack as well as horses. people on their fb page share and reshare listings all across the country.

good luck and sorry this happened to you while in denver. very sad for you.
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Added: January 10, 2012. 07:32 PM CDT
Where Have The Good Guys Gone?
There's so much evil and meanness in the horse world these days! Horse and tack thieves, horse slaughterers, con artists, frauds... What ever happened to the nice, genteel, kind hearted cowboy of the old days?
Hold Your Horses
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