Tom Powers Futurity Results and Candids
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Katie and Rusty Green and Steve Thompson enjoyed an incredibly successful Tom Powers futurity.

The Tom Powers Triple Challenge Futurity just concluded in Berrien Springs, Michigan and we were there to bring you great candids and results from one of the biggest futurities in the country. GoHorseShow.com's Kyle Brenner enjoyed making his GoHorseShow.com debut. "It was a great show and I loved seeing old friends and making new ones, taking pictures and spreading Gohorseshow green cheer! Where else can you get 21 square meals at the Sweet Shop, new duds from Good Ride, new kicks from Harris, wind and sun burned, hailed on, barely miss a tornado, get muddy, catch this year's 2 year old crop, and make it back in one piece!?!? I had a blast, and hope to see everyone again real soon!!"

Thank you Kyle for the great candids presented by Hot Ones Only and show results.

2010 Tom Powers Futurity UNOFFICIAL results

Maturity Open Non-Pro WP
Co-Res. - With No Regrets - Cody Parish
Co- Res. - Sure Am Hot - Jenna Dempze
Champion - A Certain Vino - Darcy Reeve

2 YO Ltd Non-Pro WP

3rd - Only One Way To Rock - Steve Horning
Res. - Ima Radical Hour - Randy Haines
Champion - Hope To Be Hot -
Charles Cannizzaro

Mat. Int. Non-Pro WP
3rd - Cagneys Sudden Touch - Theresa Leighton
Res. - RL Sudden Impact - Geri Gordon
Champion - Two Diamond Chips - Mary Paul Roger

3 YO Novice Novice WP
3rd - Best In The Dark - Randy Kimmel
Co-Champion - Touched So Softly - Kayla Towery
Co-Champion - Certain Allure - Jill Ellsworth

Mat. Novice Novice WP
3rd - Born Invited - Laura L
Res. - The Cool Cause - Greg Cullen
Champion - One Good Babe - Nicole Piper

2 YO Non-Pro Open WP
Co-Res. - A Impulse Machine - Becky Galyean
Co-Res. - Only Good Til Midnight - Renee Knowlton
Champion - Whatscookingoodlookin - Ray Arnona

Mat Ltd Non Pro WP
Co-Res. - In Essance - Holly Hannewyk
Co-Res. - Chips Cover Story - Christy Shank
Champion - A Sudden Shadow - Lynn Foster Penar

2 YO Ltd Open WP
3rd - Only Forever - Mikelena Ferarr
Res. - Zippos Sudden Chex - Shanon Vrough
Champion - Only Good Til Midnight - Renee Knowlton

2 YO Open WP
3rd - Eric Anderson for Beckey Bailey
Res. - Heatin Up The Chips - Kristy Starnes
Champion - Whatscookngoodlookin - Rusty Green

2 YO Int Open WP
3rd - So Good To Be Hot - Denton DeBuhr
Res. - R Sensational Gal - Ashley Lakins
Champion - Heatin Up The Chips - Kristy Starnes

3 YO $1000 Novice Horse WP
3rd - Brett Parish
Res. - Jill Stafford
Champion - Blazinmytroublesaway - Rusty Green

3 YO Open WP
Co-Res. 3rd - Rode Rageous - Jay Starnes
Co-Res. - Only Ever After - Brian Baker
Champion - Certainly Inspired - Rusty Green

3 YO Int Open WP
3rd - Blazing Hot Sally - Kristy Starnes
Res. - Blazin My Troubles Away - Katie Green
Champion - A Sensational Zippo - Eric Martin

$2500 Ltd Horse Mat HUS
3rd - Lope On Ziggy - Trish Yamber
Res. - Willing To Be Simple - Darla Lee
Champion - Ima Petite Classic - Beth Case

2 YO Open HUS
3rd - UF A Light Smoke - Judy Zeitler
Res-Co-Champion - Like To Be Noticed - Trish Yamber
Co - Champion - The Candy Girl - Beth Case

3 YO Open HUS
3rd - These Irons R Ready - Trish Yamber
Res - Only In Showbiz - Beth Case
Champion - BMQ Without A Doubt - Dawn Baker

3 YO Novice Novice HUS
3rd - Only A Blue - Maggie Sturm
Res - Ears The Escape Janae Bronson
Champion - Harry Hilfiger - Nicole Kramer

3 YO Ltd Open WP
3rd - One Good Diva - Jennifer Stein
Res. - Open Ranges Rose - Clint Collinsworth
Champion - One Hot Moonlight - KC Willis

Youth WP
3rd - Kash Flow - Morgan Brehm
Res. - Invest In Cookies - Hope D'Alessio
Champion - A Certain Vino - Darcy Reeve

3 YO Ltd Non-Pro WP
3rd - One Good Diva - Patricia Reed
Res - Its Just Gettin Good - Michelle Burch
Champion - Born In Motion - Kathern Ehrman

3 YO Open/Int Non Pro WP
3rd - Troubles A Blazin - Nancy Wilkerson
Res. - Certainly Inspired - Andrea Thompson
Champion - A Sensational Zippo - Stanley Scott

All Age Novice Non-Pro WP
3rd - The Cool Cause - Greg Cullen
Res. Co-Champion - Invested In Cookies - Hope D'Alessio
Co-Champion - Chips Cover Story - Elizabeth Shank

Mat. Open/Int. WP
3rd - I like Hot Chips - Jay Starnes
Res -Extremely Hot Chips - Wade Black
Champion - A Certain Vino - Karen Hornick

3 YO Color Breed WP
3rd - Fleets Big Valentine - Janis Kengis
Res - Famous and Wiser - Erin Laurence
Champion - U Go Figure - Rusty Green

50 & Over Western Pleasure
3rd - Tobys Turn To Talk - Angie Leonetti
Res - A Sudden Shadow - Lynn Foster Penar
Champion - Stanley Scott

Maturity Int. Open Western Pleasure
3rd The Cool Cause - Mike Tivoli
Res - One Sensational Diva - Amanda Jackson
Champion - Suddenly Rockin - Denton DeBuhr

3 YO Open Ltd HUS
3rd The Real Details Judy Zeitler
Res - Diamonds R Hot - Courtney Chappell
Champion - Thats Money in the Bank - Michelle Burch

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Added: June 28, 2010. 01:49 PM CDT
You're welcome! I look forward to next year already!! See everybody soon!!
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Added: June 28, 2010. 01:39 PM CDT
Great coverage
Great job Kyle with the coverage of the Power's results and candids!! Keep up the good work.
Mary Robertson
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