Fun Pictures from the 2012 Congress
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Reid Thomas' adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Tommy, is definitely hoping for "treat" this Halloween!
The Congress is a show like no other. With its long and grueling schedule and unpredictable weather, one way to pass the time and relieve stress is to capture an event or funny moment with a camera. GoHorseShow.com readers have shared some "fun behind the scenes at the Congress" moments with us. We definitely see a trend involving animals, kids and food!

Do you have a fun or entertaining picture from the 2012 Congress to share with us?  Please email it to info@gohorseshow.com

Pictured to the right is Reid Thomas' adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Tommy, who is ready for Halloween and definitely hoping for "treat" in this case! Tommy travels everywhere with Reid and has become famous for his signature pose at each horse show. 

Check out some more great pictures below!

Erica Miller of Ohio, "Aww, my son loves diet Mountain Dew, just like his mama."

Trainer, Scott Jones of Connecticut, took this picture of his Master's entry, The Fire Escape for owner Janae Walker Bronson.  "Look Mom, it's me!"

Chelsea Carlson, in Ohio all the way from Oregon, "You know you're at the Congress when..."

Celeste, Olivia and Lee Turner and their handy navigator "Olive" headed to the Congress from North Carolina

"Thanks Leonard for taking my picture!"  Says GoHorseShow's own Laura Gilmer with Sandra Morgan's gorgeous stallion, Good I Will Be.

Morgan Brenlee Shipp from Dry Ridge, KY stopped by Pine View Farm, home of Invitation Only and Lazy Loper, in the Gilligan Barn to visit and model her Pine View Farm pink hat!



"I love my job as Congress Queen! How precious is she?!?!?" Courtney Sturgill says.

"Murphy and Alley making good use of the sofa at the Congress," Jerry Erickson says. 

"This is the one I want," Katie Stricker says about the puppy she found in Puppy Alley at the Congress. 

Lexi Castillo found her new dog in Puppy Alley! 

"My priorities: get a sugar high, then go pass out in my stall," Chelsea Carson says. — with Rose Santos and Kyle Elliott at Junk Food Alley at Congress. 

Eric Mendrysa's Zips Dandy Sensation checking out the competition before he shows in the Senior Western Riding

Hard at work at Gilliam Show Horses at Congress

"Relaxing at the Congress! Bear is taking his job of protecting the baby very seriously," Trish Robertson says. 

Chelsea Martz says "Rosie loves Blake" as Jennifer Paul introduces Kristin Martin's son...


"And Brady loves his Iron Enterprise hat," Kristin Martin says.

Congress Queen dreams...Holt Graham-Pope says of her adorable daughter looking at the Congress Queen awards. 

Bella and Aunt Mag (Maggie Bellville) at the Quarter Horse Congress!

"Good night y'all! I am tired...Leonard and I have been working hard for tomorrow's class. I am feeling great and I am ready! Now for some rest," Good I Will Be says.

"Hi Stewie," his trainer Beth Case says.

"It's cold , has anyone seen my brown cinch coat ????" Charlie Cole says.

Prince Farm--Ann and Chester Prince-- racking up the Congress Trophies

"Love My William," Flora Brama says.

"As the sun went down The Sweet Shop by Gilligan was a good place to catch up with Allison Clark," Ruth Ellen says.  — with The Horse Source Inc at All American Quarter Horse Congress.

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