New URL to Watch Congress Live Streaming Video
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The Congress Live Streaming Video has CHANGED. 

It is now

By Tracy Bidwell, OQHA

The 2012 All American Quarter Horse Congress will be aired online through World of Horses and Trainers October 5-28. For the first time, there will be two online viewing options available.

Free live online streaming for both the Coliseum and Celeste Center will be available throughout the course of the horse show. Classes can be viewed for free by visiting For a complete show schedule, visit

In addition to free live online streaming, WOHAT is offering a $25 membership, which will be valid through October 1, 2013 and includes:

• All horse show classes in HIGH DEFINITION, available within 48 hours

• Congress Cutting Event

• Cinch NRHA Freestyle Reining

• Congress Masters Event

• All lectures and demonstrations

Visit for complete details on this outstanding offer!

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is the world’s largest single-breed horse show, with 18,990 pre-entries in 2012. Held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, the show attracts 650,000 people to the area, and generates $180 million for the Central Ohio economy.

“Online streaming video is a great way to showcase our events to those who can’t make it the Quarter Horse Congress,” said Dr. Scott Myers, OQHA Executive Director. “It gives family, friends and spectators around the world the opportunity to watch and be a part of the Quarter Horse Congress.”

Online coverage will include results, win photos and special feature stories each day.

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is hosted by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association, a state affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association. Our mission is to promote the registered American Quarter Horse within the state of Ohio. For more information, please visit or become a fan on Facebook.

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Added: October 18, 2012. 07:32 PM CDT
Not Happy - No Congress
This is totally unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable!. I spent hours trying to make the feed work - even tried on several computers with different browsers thinking the equipment might be at fault.

Then I was stupid enough to go ahead with an "instant payment" of $25 via Paypal thinking that the advertized "free feed" was just a come-on and if I paid I would get the live video feed.

Nothing - I'm out $25 - am missing all the classes I was really looking forward to watching - and it looks like this bogus outfit is just raking in the $ and providing nothing. Whoever hired this company to provide the Congress feed this year should be fired for not doing due dilligence.
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Added: October 18, 2012. 02:10 PM CDT
Bummed Out!!
Everyone used to complain that the old web feed used to stop and start, but I am even more disappointed with the new feed. I can't even get a video feed to load, let alone run! Not cool WOHAT!! This is the first time in years that I have been completely unable to watch the show online. Glad I did not pay the $25 like some of the other commenters, because it sounds like that didn't help either. Hopefully they get if figured out soon or change providers again because there are a lot of angry AQHA members!
Hot Hearts Cali Girl
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Added: October 17, 2012. 11:18 PM CDT
live feed
this is th e worst one whole nite it was not available for Hours missed all the classes after hours of trying to get on waht a rip off go back to the old live stream this is a waste of time
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Added: October 17, 2012. 03:07 PM CDT
Still doesn't work
THey are a big ripoff-can't get anything for your $25 after you pay and still cannot access live video stream. This will be first year I can't watch Congress classes. Please don't advertise streaming video when there is none.
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Added: October 17, 2012. 10:43 AM CDT
What's up, WOHAT?
"Old Berk", me too. Paid my fee via PayPal (liked the idea of having access to classes for judging team uses), and have had no communication from WOHAT since purchase on 10/9, despite two attempts to contact them through their "Contact Us" tool. Not pleased at all. Would someone from WOHAT like to address this?


Paige M.
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Added: October 05, 2012. 08:34 AM CDT
thanks but that WOHAT place gives you nothing..They want $25.00 and if you pay as I did they still don't provide a process to follow to get a live streaming (as they and you call it) What am I missing here Just the 25.00 or is there more????
Old Berk
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