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Again, after the overwhelming success of the first World Show WCHA Get Of Sire Class it appears that we'll be able to hold another class at the 2013 AQHA World Show.
Spring is almost here!

We have some important issues that our Breeder's Committee is faced with that we would like our members, mare owners, futurity participants and stallion owner's feedback as quickly as possible.

After the success of the WCHA Get Of Sire Class at last fall's AQHA World Show we've had numerous requests for a Produce Of Dam Class to showcase the mare's contribution in successful breeding programs. We've had discussions with AQHA about the possibility of having this class during the Amateur week. This class requires two offspring of "one" mare to comprise an entry, however it will be more difficult to get sufficient entries than it is for a Get Of Sire class because a stallion sires so many more offspring than a single mare.

Furthermore, we have to comply with AQHA's requirement that the two horses must have "qualified", (not competed or entered) in one of the AQHA World Show competitions. (Youth-Select-Amateur-Open) Exception being weanlings, any weanling can compete in this class. We would need a minimum of 12-15 entries to hold the class in this "world show environment" so that it carried the same prestige as the Get Of Sire Class. Other rules still need to be finalized but before we proceed any further we'd like to hear back from our mare owners to see how many could fill an entry and if you would, "tentatively commit to showing in this class at the 2013 World Show". Basic qualifications are two offspring of a single mare, any age, and any sex.

If older than a weanling the entry must have qualified for one of the world shows. The "tentative" entry fee would be $300-$350 with an additional $25 drug fee per horse. The entry fees, less a $50 awards/office fee, will be added to the purse and we would do our best to secure one or more sponsors that would add an additional $5000 to the purse. In the Get of Sire class we are careful not to jeopardize a stallion's reputation so only the top three places are announced, in this produce of dam class we would announce 10 places.

All ten places would receive paybacks. Mare Owners.......... If you think you can participate in the class this fall it's important that you give us your response as soon as possible. We need to know how big a pool of entries we could draw from as this class will need to be successful if we want it in future years in this venue.

Call Don Falcon at 480-229-9767 or email him at

Again, after the overwhelming success of the first World Show WCHA Get Of Sire Class it appears that we'll be able to hold another class at the 2013 AQHA World Show. We're waiting for final approval from AQHA Executive committee so we should be able to make a formal announcement the latter part of March so that stallion owners can plan their entry throughout the summer.

Remember this is another beneficial aspect of nominating your stallion into the WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity Program as only those stallions are eligible to compete in this class. AQHA has been very supportive of WCHA and its efforts to stimulate the halter industry and we are very appreciative to Don Treadway and the AQHA staff, and AQHA's Executive Committee, for allowing us to have a presence at their World Show.

WCHA, and the WCHA Breeders Committee, is committed to help grow halter competitions within all stock horse breeds, more specifically we want to assist in the growth of the Paint and Appaloosa breeds. This past year we asked several APHA, ApHC participants what WCHA could do to help stimulate their segments of the halter industry. The most consistent response was although we recognize "color classes" within our existing futurity program they wanted their own futurity. You spoke; we're listening, so with that we're hosting the WCHA Color Classic Futurity for 2013! This futurity will be for Paint and Appaloosa offspring only and will be held in conjunction with the Iowa Paint Breeders' Futurity in Des Moines, Iowa on September 21st.

Any stallion registered with AQHA, APHA, ApHC can enroll their stallion in this futurity program for an amount equal to their advertised stud fee, or $650 whichever is greater.

These monies will be kept separate from the WCHA Breeders Championship so all stallion nomination fees collected will stay within the Color Classic Futurity. From early responses we truly expect to have 35-50 stallions enrolled and a purse exceeding $50,000. With only four weanling classes offered this first year (Junior and Senior Weanling Colts and Fillies), and payouts to the top 10 in each futurity, this futurity could be the highest paying futurity for Paints and Appy's in the country but we need to get stallion owners enrolled in the program as soon as possible. We want this futurity to get off to a very successful start this first year so that we can build more classes into the program for future years.

Stallion Owners go to the WCHA website,, click on the futurity tab and download the nomination form for the Color Classic Futurity.

Mare Owners we need you to encourage the stallion owner that your weanlings, born this year, are sired by and get them nominated. If you have any questions regarding the Color Classic Futurity please contact:

Jennifer Sheriff by emailing her at:

Note: APHA, PHBA and ApHC stallions can still participate within the WCHA Breeder's Championship Futurity, but this is separate program.

The WCHA Breeder's Championship Futurities will be held, September 20, 21, 22 in Tunica, MS. We are thrilled that the Big Money Futurities will again be our partners in hosting both futurities at the same location to benefit all exhibitors. This should also be beneficial to the exhibitors that want to attend the futurities in Iowa Sept 11-15 so they have ample time to make both events. We will have stalling available in Tunica as early as September 16th for those participants traveling from Iowa.

Attention Stallion Owners: We get calls daily asking us which stallions are enrolled in the WCHA Futurity; our answer is to contact the stallion owner because their nominations aren't due until April 15th. However, we will be posting a list of the "enrolled" stallions on our website, and in upcoming advertisements, starting the first week of March. This will not only be beneficial to mare owners searching for a stallion but exhibitors wanting to enter the futurities need to know if their futurity prospect by your stallion is eligible.

We urge you to send in your stallion nomination TODAY, take advantage of our payment plan. (Pay ½ of nomination fee now and send postdated check for the other half that we'll deposit on July 1st.) This futurity program is designed so that the enrollment fee is affordable and fair for every stallion owner based on each stallion's advertised stud fee. This program paid out over $160,000 last year to over 120 placings, in 20 different classes, and it will be larger this year...........don't be left out, we welcome your participation!

Mare Owners: If you have a futurity prospect, encourage the stallion owner of your prospect, to get in the program. There is no better advertisement for a stallion than for his offspring to excel in these futurities. All offspring, regardless if it's a weanling, yearling or two year old are all eligible to compete in these futurities so long as the stallion is nominated this year.
Visit our website:, click on the futurity page and download the Stallion Enrollment Form and send it in ASAP, we want your stallion listed as soon as possible for advertising benefits.

New for 2013

Two Year Old Futurity Classes!

PLUS- Incentives to Owner-Breeder-Exhibitor entries

(If you're the Breeder, and Owner and Exhibitor you're eligible)

Any questions that you as a stallion owner, mare owner or exhibitor may have, please contact our Futurity Secretary: Jennifer Sheriff @, or any member of our Breeder's Committee.

Futurity Entry Forms will be available on the website soon.

Thank you for your continued support,

Don Falcon - Committee Chairman
Committee Members: Luke Castle, Mike Clites, Bill Huckabee, Scott Trahan, Gene Parker, Jennifer Sheriff, Wade Ellerbrook

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