Rodrock Candids from Dixie National Quarter Horse Show
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"I feel confident that 2014 is going to be even better and we're already planning our 50th in 2015!" Peak states. Photo © Emily Jo Starkey Peak
"We don't have final numbers as of yet but overall entries were definitely up!" says, Emily Jo Starkey Peak, who is a talented equine photographer, ring steward, and does public relations for the Dixie Nationals. "We had a few growing pains and the exhibitors all stayed positive as we dealt with being short handed. With the notes we took from last year's suggestions and the help we received from the MS Ag Commission, we were able to make improvements that made a huge difference to help our show run better and be more exhibitor friendly."

Peak continues, "Show management and MQHA are really trying to make it more customer service oriented which is the way it should be. I feel confident that 2014 is going to be even better and we're already planning our 50th in 2015!"

This year the show added Boxing, Lead line and Ranch Pleasure to their show bill and the new classes were met with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. There was an impressive fifty-three entries in the Ranch Pleasure! They also added a live web stream thanks to Video Horse World.

"We had spectators all over the world and the feedback has been amazing," Peak states. "Our Merial/DeltAg Freestyle Reining performance was packed out and we were fortunate to have Nashville recording artist Templeton Thompson entertain the masses from 6:30 to 7 pm and then up and coming country crooner, Brent Harrison performed the best rendition of the National Anthem many have ever heard. The crowd was definitely pleased with the additions to our Friday night event that only cost five dollars to attend. Overall, the 2013 Dixie National Quarter Horse Show was a huge success and we already can't wait until next year!"

CLICK HERE to view candids provided by Emily Jo Starkey Peak Photography and sponsored by Rodrock Ranches.
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