Rodrock Candids and Results from Gordyville USA
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Thanks to Kaleena Katz Weakly for the great photos. Photo © Kaleena Katz Weakly

"What a great run horse show," trainer Beckey Schooler of Ohio says about the Gordyville show this past weekend that ran February 15th through the 17th. "Jody and Mary know how to put on a horse show!"

Trainer Valerie Eppers of Grayslake, Illinois agrees, "There is a lot of new faces. The numbers were good in everything--there was even two splits in the Green Western Pleasure. The all around numbers have always been good at Gordyville, but it was very refreshing to see those numbers again in the pleasure."

Jeff Greaves also talked about the leveling program that has been implemented at many shows across the country including Gordyville. "The leveling program is going good, and I think it is beneficial to the horse show, exhibitors and the horses."

"Being at Gordyville is great," Joni Nelson states. "You never have to worry about the weather once you are here--a big plus this time of year!"

Thanks to Kaleena Katz Weakly for the great photos that were sponsored by Rodrock Ranches.

CLICK HERE to view the candids. Be sure to click on the Gordyville Logo to view the pictures

CLICK HERE to review Results from the show

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