GoSmart with Charlie & Jason: Response to Young Girl's Letter
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"I realize how important it is to reach out to our youth and new people in our industry because they are our future," Cole told GoHorseShow.
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GoHorseShow.com in partnership with SmartPak are pleased to continue the highly popular column, GoSmart with Charlie and Jason. Team SmartPak riders, Charlie Cole and Jason Martin have achieved success beyond compare. Since founding Highpoint Performance Horses in 1992, they have trained over 100 World Champions and 200 All-American Quarter Horse Congress Champions.

Exclusive to GoHorseShow.com, GoSmart with Charlie and Jason will give you access to Charlie and Jason and the secrets to their success like never before. Their next GoSmart column is a response to a young girl's letter from Pennsylvania who recently wrote Charlie Cole about a problem she is having with her horse. This letter became a viral sensation after Cole posted it on his Facebook Page, and we wanted to share it with our readers.

"Periodically I get emails and sometimes letters asking for help," Cole says. "I can't help everyone, but this letter is one that I was compelled to answer because she is a young girl just starting out and trying really hard to improve. I am forever indebted to the individuals in the industry who were willing to take the time and answer my questions when I was first starting out. I realize how important it is to reach out to our youth and new people in our industry because they are our future."

Looking back on who gave him encouragement as a young rider, Jason Martin remembers being a teenager and looking through the pictures and ads in the Quarter Horse Journal of people he admired. Martin decided to write and ask advice of some of these industry professionals about becoming a horse trainer. Jason says that he recalls that only one trainer responded. That trainer happened to be World Champion halter trainer, and someone he admired very much, Jerry Wells. "It is something I will never forget," Martin states. "I really appreciate that he took the time to write me back and give me advice. I feel that now that I am a trainer, that I should take the time to respond to any young rider who may need help."

Check out the young girl's letter and Charlie's response below.

Charlie and Jason were kind enough to send the young girl a copy of their highly popular DVD "Teach Your Horse To Change Leads."

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Added: January 02, 2014. 01:06 PM CDT
This is what its about
I'm so happy to see Charlie writing back. I'm only 15 years old and struggle with my horses regularly, being I'm still learning with them. If a trainer took the time to write to me, I would be the happiest girl in the world. I want to be a Performance horse trainer when I'm older, and I will make sure to write back to as many people as I can(: This is what the horse industry is all about; horse people coming together and helping each other out. In a world where so many people do not understand us Equestrians, we need each other there to back us up. This is why I love the horse community.
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Added: March 07, 2013. 12:05 AM CDT
This is what horse showing is truly all about. While a person chooses to make a living training, Charlie didnt have to reply to this young girl. Thank you Charlie, for giving back!! Children are the future of the industry.
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Added: March 06, 2013. 02:56 PM CDT
Charlie - Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond to your fans. As all of us would like to have the talent that the top trainers have, that getting the respect from them is such an inspiration. I have had plenty of trainers that think they are bigger than they are and don't pay attention to any of us 'little guys' - that it has discouraged me from showing breed shows. Everyone starts somewhere and some lose that - as well as my respect.

Thanks again!
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Added: March 06, 2013. 01:37 PM CDT
Charlie - I must say how impressed I am with this. I also am a big fan of yours. I so wish I could send my gelding to you, but the next best thing is the videos. I have found them to be useful in my personal training with this young horse.

It's so great that you reached out to this young lady who is obviously devoted to her work with her horse.
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