Dakota Asks Us To Help Ohio Family After Tragedy
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I-71 in Ohio was closed for three hours after the Schwab’s truck and trailer trailer went off the road, hit a ditch and crashed into a tree. The entire family, two horses and a dog were injured in the crash. Photo courtesy WCPO.com.

Recently, I had the great pleasure of interviewing an outstanding youth rider and fellow competitor from my state organization, The Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association. When I requested that my peers contribute their bios for the OQHYA Spotlight, I learned a great deal about Paul “Trey” Schwab of Hamilton, Ohio. Often, being a reporter means a lot of following up, so it was extremely impressive to me when Trey was the first member to get his bio form back to me at the next meeting in an impressively organized folder. I had to smile as I leafed through his file and found that he had added a favorite family recipe to include in the NSBA Cookbook. What made me smile is that Trey Schwab runs contest horses, and isn’t even a member of NSBA. Trey is simply an extremely thoughtful individual who has an extreme willingness to help others, and an extraordinary attention to detail. Did I mention that he is only 14 years old?

To follow-up, Trey took the time to see if I needed anything else, and asked how he could help me. To anyone who knows the Schwab family, this should come as no surprise. As longtime members of OQHA, the Schwab’s are known to be outstanding members and contributors to our association as a whole. In their years of participation, they are known not to miss meetings, offer assistance to others in need, and take their role as “members” seriously.

Trey’s bio touched me greatly, and he is successful both in and out of the arena. An extremely accomplished horseman already, Trey and his faithful horse, Bar Dee Boy 036, a/k/a Scooby, were the 2009 AQHYA Stakes Race High Point Champions; winning by an impressive margin over their competitors. What made winning the title extra special, was that Scooby” was injured when he was kicked shortly after the Schwab’s purchased him, and were told he needed complete stall rest for a year with no promise of a full recovery. What separates the Schwab’s and their horses is love and heart. With Trey’s compassion and encouragement, Scooby gave him his heart in return and came back stronger than ever to win the title against all odds! Trey wrote lovingly that the great gelding always gives 110%.

Sadly, Trey and his beloved gelding Scooby, need all the help and prayers that our devoted GoHorseShow.com readers can send their way. The Schwab family was in a terrible truck and trailer accident last weekend while traveling to an AQHA show in Lancaster, Ohio. The accident has been covered extensively by local television news stations.  Although the family, horses and family dog all suffered injury, Trey and his mother sustained critical trauma and are hospitalized in Cincinnati area hospitals. Additionally, the family horses were transported to several veterinary hospitals for emergency treatment with surgeries likely to follow. All of this care will certainly come at a great expense.

To all of you who love your horses and family as passionately as Trey, and feel as inspired by his heartwarming story with Scooby, I am asking you to please dig down deep in your hearts at this time. Under the direction of the OQHA Tri-Chairman, and OQHYA Youth Director, Kelli Diaz, I am asking for your support for this outstanding young man, his beloved family and horses to help with what may lie ahead for them. Trey made a lasting impression with me when he referred to how important the Youth World Show was to him. He never spoke about himself or winning a World globe, but instead that the show meant the most to him because he had the opportunity to compete as a member of a “team” at that event. Rumor has it that Trey helps to make his horse showing dreams possible by cleaning stalls, baling and putting up hay, feeding and caring for the roping stock, mowing grass, and cutting firewood. He also took the time to mention that a great expense saving idea for families is to “pack” a great picnic for the shows instead of buying food. Right now, we need to follow Trey’s example by letting him know how much the “team” means to us.

Please join with me to help support the Ohio Quarter Horse and OQHYA youth organizations with their fund raising efforts for the Schwab family.

Paul Schwab III Benefit Fund
Park National Bank
50 N Third St
P. O. Box 3500
Newark, OH 43058-3500

Donations can be made at any Park National Bank Any donation questions or concerns can be directed to Kelli Diaz 740-404-7930.

 I will also be at many of the major upcoming shows selling Congress package raffle tickets for Ohio Youth of which a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Schwab family, their ongoing medical expenses and veterinary costs. The lucky raffle winner will win a great Congress prize package of 1 stall, 2 vehicle passes, 1 VIP Parking Pass, 2 Freestyle Reining Tickets, and 2 Masters tickets!!!! Most of us could use that package, right? I can also mail tickets to anyone interested if you want to send me a check. The price is $5.00 each and 6 for $20.00! Here’s a chance to win a great prize while supporting a wonderful cause. Please contact me directly through my GoHorseShow.com email address at Dakota@gohorseshow.com for more information on how to donate.

Trey was really excited to attend the upcoming YES Conference in Amarillo with our Ohio Youth delegation. Although his impending care and surgeries may make it challenging for that to happen, I can assure you that he will be with us in spirit. I hope and pray that he will be able to make our Youth World Team delegation, especially to receive his 2009 High Point Champion Trophy and buckle that he and Scooby so well deserves. In the meantime, please keep this selfless family in your thoughts and prayers. As always, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

With love,


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Added: June 11, 2010. 11:04 PM CDT
Prayers and helping hands to this family in need
We as a family, are being prayerful and talking of ideas to help raise money for the Schwab family as well. Thanks for the updates and the nice writing on this family. My family has known theirs through the contesting world and they are indeed special people who had a tragedy--- it is up to us to help restore them through prayer and our support at this time.
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Added: May 28, 2010. 11:18 AM CDT
Prayers for the Schwab

Thank you for such a nice article about the Schwab family. Trey sounds like a wonderful person and his parents must be very proud of him. I am truly heartsick as to what has happened to them. I wish they have a speedy recovery and that the horses and dog do well. I just can't imagine what they are all going through both physically and emotionally. I wish them all the best.

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Added: May 27, 2010. 10:00 PM CDT
Prayers for the Schwab
very nice article on the Schwab family -- they seem like wonderful people, and I hope by the time I post this Trey will be out of the hospital (along with the rest of his family),healthy and packing for Amarillo.

We'll look forward to updates on the hopefully speedy recovery as well as that of their horses and dog.
Kelly of Michigan
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Added: May 27, 2010. 08:49 PM CDT
Keeping Trey, and his family as well as Scooby, their other horse and their dog in our prayers.
Karla B of Wisconsin
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Added: May 26, 2010. 03:57 PM CDT
Any updates??
Praying for the Schwab family.....
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Added: May 25, 2010. 05:59 PM CDT
Prayers to the Schwab Family
That was a very well put together article about the Schwab family and their horses. I am praying for the schwab family,dog & horses. Here to praying that everyone humane,equine & canin heal.
Karen of TN
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