Kaplow Insurance Agency Seeks Agents: Become part of the Kaplow Insurance Network of agents.
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Kaplow Insurance Agency has just launched a revolutionary new concept that we believe will be of great interest to people involved in the horse industry. It’s called the Kaplow Insurance Network; a program that offers horse people an opportunity to become independent equine insurance agents.  Don't miss the chance to get in on the ground floor of this cool new concept.

Evan Kaplow, President of Kaplow Insurance Agency is hand-selecting equine professionals in strategic regions of the country to become sales agents. These agents will service their area and clientele with Kaplow Insurance Agency's insurance products. The goal is to offer the most comprehensive coverage and the most competitive rates, through the most knowledgeable equine professionals in the country.

GoHorseShow.com sat down with Evan and asked him some questions about the Kaplow Insurance Network.

First off, there are a lot of insurance companies out there. How is Kaplow Insurance Agency different from other equine insurance companies?   Well, we've been in the horse business and insurance business for a very long time...40 plus years. Throughout that time, we've been able to cultivate relationships with insurers from other industries ( i.e. the racing industry) which gives our clients alternatives to other insurance coverages and companies that are out there. We have exclusive relationships with multiple companies that offer guaranteed coverage. Once a horse is insured with us through those companies, coverage will be renewed with NO EXAMINATION, no matter the condition or VALUE of the horses with no exclusion to be placed on the policy. That's the biggest difference.

There are many people negatively affected when an exclusion is placed on a policy. Coverage is lost and their investment may be too if that horse dies from that excluded problem in the future. We offer an alternative to that. We are the only company offering this product and that is a very distinct difference. Along with the most comprehensive coverage, our rates are the most competitive in the industry.

Who is your ideal candidate for the Kaplow Insurance Network?   We're looking for self-motivated, hardworking individuals who know horse people and know the horse industry. People from all over the industry, from reining horses to cutting horses as well as the performance horse people. If you have the respect of your fellow competitors and/or trainers in the industry, maybe a position in our company would be a good fit. I always say, knowing horses and the type of people in this industry is the most important thing. The insurance portion of it comes secondary because it can be taught.

How many additional sales agents are you hoping to add?   We're really hoping to add quite a few. I'm trying to position agents in all the major horse regions of the country such as Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and California. We're definitely not set on those particular states and I'm certainly not going to exclude anyone based on their location, but that's just where I envision right now. My plan is to bring our exclusive product to consumers by hiring well respected equestrians in the geographic areas people live and show horses. If someone is in need of mortality coverage or farm/ranch property coverage, I want them to be able to reach out to someone locally who can provide our exclusive products.

Do I have to go to school?   If you don't carry a Property and Casualty insurance license in the state you reside, you will have to get licensed. Some states require the prospective agent to take an insurance course.  Other states just require the prospective to pass a state exam. If you are not well versed in insurance, don't worry about it too much. You'll probably just need to take a week course to help you pass the state exam.  As I said, our main focus is on the person and their relationships.

Evan, how hands-on are you going to be?   I think my level of involvement will vary on an agent-to-agent basis. I think it really depends on the how the agent wants to operate in the field. That being said, Kaplow Insurance Agency and myself will be directly involved with all insurance transactions taking place. We hope to create a marketplace that combines all our efforts which will give our clients the most comprehensive product, the most competitive rates along with the best service from knowledgeable professionals in their area.

How much support will I receive from the home office?   Kaplow Insurance Network will actively market their agents across the country in continued print and web-based media outlets. As far as the administrative part, we also plan to support you with that too. We want our agents to be able to provide insurance products to their clients and then turn the paperwork over to the office. All administrative paperwork, coverage letters, billing, policy issuance and claims handling will be handled out of our New York office. Our agents will be able to continue their lives as horse trainers, real estate agents, stay at home moms, etc. while having an insurance career to supplement their income. As I said earlier, each and every agent will be different and we will find a way to make it best work for each of them.

How much money can I make?   A considerable amount of money can be made. One thing to think about is that insurance is renewed each and every year. If you insure a horse today, you should be insuring that horse again next year. If you insure 100 this year, you should be insuring 100 horses next year plus the new business you are working this year. Very quickly you develop a book of clients and those clients lead to more clients through referrals. In a few years, thigs start to snowball and then we're talking about a substantial amount of money.

If I'm really interested, how do I apply?   Reach out to me by phone 914-238-9230 or email me at ekaplow@kaplowinsurance.com. Please send me a resume if you have one.  If not, tell me about yourself and your involvement with horses. Again, we're looking for horse people that are willing to get licensed and provide a service to their clients and other people in their region of the country.

Where can I learn more? You can visit the Kaplow Insurance Network website at KaplowInsuranceNetwork.com.

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