AQHA World Champion: Chex Me Im Cute
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AQHA Professional Horseman Bruce Vickery and Chex Me Im Cute were ninth in the draw for the junior trail finals. Bruce had already been through the tough Tim Kimura trail course earlier with The Totalperformance. Bruce and the 5-year-old mare gracefully weaved through the course with no ticks on the poles until the very last one, when she slightly nicked it on her way out. With scores being held until the award ceremony, owners Curtis and Priscilla Barnes hoped that the mare’s fast, smooth 360s would give Bruce enough points to overcome the tick. As the placings were called out, it came down to three: Team Wrangler member Jason Martin with Heavenly Mac, AQHA Professional Horseman John Briggs with In Prinzziples Image, and Bruce with Chex Me Im Cute. Jason was called forward for third with a score of 218.5. Down to Bruce and John, it was In Prinzziples Image’s name called out with a score of 220. Chex Me Im Cute had won her owners their first AQHA world championship. The Journal caught up with the Barnes in the Super Barn to ask them about the sweet chestnut mare and what it's like to win a title at their first AQHA World Championship Show.

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