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Betty Wells

As GoHorseShow.com has grown into year two of its existence, the list of people we REALLY need to thank has grown exponentially. From our loyal readers who took our hits to an all-time high of over 18 million in December to our unbelievable advertisers who, if it wasn’t for them, GoHorseShow.com would be nothing (and we do mean NOTHING). We need to say a special thank you to the countless people who believed in us from day one and supported us no matter what, to the naysayers who have since come forward and admitted their new-found appreciation and respect for us. If we know one thing for sure from 2009, it is that we have so very much to be thankful for and and so many, many, many people to thank.

But in the grand scheme of things, we realized at one moment-in-time this year that there is more to life than breaking the latest news, finalizing the next ad sale, making the next deadline or sponsoring the next show. When Betty Wells so graciously opened her home and her heart to us for one of Troy Compton’s segments of On The Cart With Compton, we realized that this industry will see nary another as great as the legendary Jerry Wells. But most importantly, we realized that few things in life, whether business or personal, are of the importance of those valued by Jerry. See, the things Jerry valued in life weren’t “things” at all. What Jerry valued was his family, friends, health and great horses. Thank you, Betty for putting it all into perspective for not only the staff at GoHorseShow.com, but for our loyal readers. And thank you for doing your best to keep the legend of Jerry alive and well. We couldn’t think of a more worthwhile cause. And thank you, Jerry for helping us all realize.

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