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The Krymsun Kruzer

Okay, so you win the All-Around Junior Horse and All-Around English Horse titles at the Arizona Sun Circuit and at some point you think, “Let’s see if he likes to jump?” That’s pretty much how it went down in 2009 with The Krymsun Kruzer, trainer Vicky Holt and owner Gerri Leigh Pratt. The five year old bay stallion proved himself as one of the most versatile and athletic horses in AQHA history while showing in Western Riding, Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Working Hunter, Hunter Hack, Pleasure Driving and Performance Halter Stallions. Leroy is the epitome of today’s all-around horse winning All-Around honors at the Sun Circuit, Texas Amateur, Red Bud, and the Congress. Seven classes at the World Show produced multiple top-fives as well as a world championship in junior working hunter as he went on to make Superhorse history. Next stop, Mike Hay’s breeding barn in Gerri Leigh’s home state of North Carolina. Thank you Leroy – you were a joy to watch.

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Added: January 12, 2010. 06:56 PM CDT
cool horse
I just want to say I think your horse is so cute
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