Best Person We Need To Thank
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Holt Pope

If you thought you deserved this award, please don’t be offended. We are forever indebted to the countless people who helped make GoHorseShow.com such a success in its inaugural year and we truly could not have done it without each and every one of you. But there is one hard working lady who stood out above the rest and made our lives easier and our product better. And that’s Holt Pope. Holt was one of the very first people we told about our crazy idea to start a horse show community website and she was gung-ho from the word go. She jumped on early as an advertiser for her graphic design business Holt Advertising and encouraged her husband, Shane Pope, to do the same. She creates many of the ads featured monthly in GoMag and she blogged for an entire week about her 2-year-old western pleasure entry for the World Show which was one of our more popular stories this year. Her enthusiasm and support has never waivered and she does everything with a smile and a dash of self-depricating humor. So thank you, Holt, and uh, while we have you, how are your ads for January coming?

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