Select World Show To Stay in Amarillo for Next Three Years
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The American Quarter Horse Association announced that Amarillo will continue to be the location for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Adequan Select World Championship Show.

The American Quarter Horse Association’s Adequan Select World Championship Show will stay in Amarillo. AQHA and the City of Amarillo have agreed to keep the Adequan Select World in Amarillo for another three years.

“We are thrilled to keep the Adequan Select World in Amarillo, the home of AQHA’s international headquarters,” said Don Treadway Jr., AQHA executive vice president. “The City of Amarillo and the Tri-State Fairgrounds are committed to keeping the Adequan Select World here in Amarillo. Prior to the show’s 10th celebration in September, the fairgrounds invested in significant improvements to the facilities. With this new contract, the city and the fairgrounds will continue to make improvements to the riding areas and stalls to ensure they meet the needs of this world-class event.

“Our exhibitors told us emphatically during the 2012 show that they wanted to return here to Amarillo. We continue to have a great partnership in our home community, and I’m looking forward to three more years of Select exhibitors experiencing our Panhandle hospitality.”

For the last 10 years, Amarillo has been home to the Select World after AQHA created this new world championship event exclusively for exhibitors 50 and older. Known as the Select World Championship Show that inaugural year, 307 entries comprised the entire show. This year, that figure had ballooned by more than 300 hundred percent, with 1,273 entries vying for one of more than 43 coveted world champion titles and more than $500,000 in cash and awards!

For the 2012 Adequan Select World, the Amarillo Tri-State Fairgrounds made a vast array of facility improvements from new bathrooms to footing. The Fairgrounds has agreed to continue making improvements that will benefit all shows that use the facility, including additional covered riding areas, new stalls and improved ventilation in the barns. In future years, AQHA and the fairgrounds will have the opportunity to work together to add a video board and other improvements.

About the Adequan Select World

The Adequan Select World offers exciting competition for AQHA Select amateur members. The Adequan Select World is the world’s largest, single-breed championship horse show open exclusively to amateur exhibitors age 50 and older. This is the pinnacle event for Select amateur competitors around the world who must qualify for the event by earning a predetermined number of points to secure a spot in each of the classes, representing English, over fences, western, speed, cattle and halter events.

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Added: December 08, 2012. 05:12 PM CDT
I don't believe their statement or they knew who to ask.
I've VERY disappointed in AQHA insisting that they have it there. Hold the convention there very year if you want.

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Added: December 03, 2012. 04:56 PM CDT
Head in the Sand
Obviously it is more cost effective for them, not the exhibitors. That facility is a pit, the city really has no draw and the weather is abhorent. There were so many other locations that would have been preferable. So much for caring for your Seniors...
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Added: November 30, 2012. 07:57 AM CDT
Not me...
and I was there...and I won't be going back until they move it to a more appropriate facility in a place that is worth a two day drive!
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Added: November 29, 2012. 02:50 PM CDT
Are You Serious?
“Our exhibitors told us emphatically during the 2012 show that they wanted to return here to Amarillo."

I've NEVER heard anyone say they want it to stay in Amarillo! Who were they talking to?
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