Multiple World Champion, Cool Assets, Sells to Emily Cramer
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"Out of a situation I thought was a season ending disappoint, came one of the greatest opportunities and privileges I’ve ever had as an exhibitor and owner. It’s truly a honor to be able to own and show this horse," Cramer said. Photo © The American Quarter Horse Journal

GoHorseShow would like to congratulate Emily Cramer on the purchase of multiple World Champion, Cool Assets (Nemo), from Rebekah Kazakevicius of Ocala, Florida. Cramer rides with Highpoint Performance horses and will be showing in the amateur all-around events. Emily's horse, Gotta Get Some Sleep (Stewart), injured his deep flexor tendon this summer and Cramer decided she needed to  start looking for a new horse.

Cramer has enjoyed great success with Stewart, and not being able to show him any more was difficult news for her to process. When Cramer visited at the NSBA World in Tulsa, Oklahoma a few weeks ago, she had basically accepted that she wouldn’t be showing for the rest of the year.

"It was hard to be at a show and not have a horse, but it also made me realize how much of a family the horse show community has become, especially over this last year," Cramer tells GoHorseShow. "There are so many wonderful people I’ve developed friendships with, just stopping in for that day reminded me of the support and love I have to be grateful for; how important not just the horses, but the people that are in my life."

The evening Cramer was in Tulsa was the night of the Senior Western Riding. Her trainer, Jason Martin, was sitting next to her in the stands and realized that Cramer, who is quite tall, and Nemo would be a good fit. 

"When Bruce Vickery rode in to collect his placing on Cool Assets, Jason turned to me and said, 'You could buy that one and have fun with it. It might be a really good match.' I remember being shocked. I had no idea that Cool Assets was even a remote possibility. We had discussed buying a new horse, but there wasn’t a horse we could think of that was tall enough for me--that did the events I loved, much less one that was available for sale."

Emily adds, "I think I laughed it off, not really thinking it was a option. Jason texted me the next day, though, wanting me to ride him. A few days later I went out to Bruce’s, and by the time I had done one lead change, I was sold. Out of a situation I thought was a season ending disappoint, came one of the greatest opportunities and privileges I’ve ever had as an exhibitor and owner. It’s truly a honor to be able to own and show this horse."

Cramer plans to show Nemo at the Congress this year. "I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I’ve always respected, admired, and had a lot fun with Rebekah. When the deal closed, she left me the kindest gift--a bag of treats for him alongside his show halter," Emily recalls fondly. "She has been so sweet and generous through the whole deal. I’ve told her how grateful I am for this opportunity, and I know how much it means to her that Nemo goes to a good home she can trust. I can only hope that I can do as well with Nemo as she already has, and make her proud."

Last year, Cool Assets and Kazakevicius was awarded a World Championship in the Amateur Western Riding. This talented gelding was also the 2005 World Champion in Junior Hunter Under Saddle, the 2006 Youth Reserve World Champion in Hunter Under Saddle, and the 2007 World Champion in the Youth Hunter Under Saddle. The 2001 brown gelding by Investment Asset and out of Goodbars Glamour Girl was also the 2005 High Point in the Youth and Junior Hunter Under Saddle. Nemo has accumulated over 1000 points in six different events, a Performance Championship, and six superiors.

When asked if we'll ever see Cramer in breeches, she quickly replied, "Never!" Let's see what the team at Highpoint has to say about that.

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Added: September 07, 2011. 01:45 PM CDT
Congrats Emily! Nemo is such a neat horse. I think it would be a crime against nature not to show him in HUS and equitation, though! Good luck with him--can't wait to see what heights you'll reach!
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