APHA World Champion, All Rise, Sells
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"From day one, you just knew Spyder was going to be something," says breeder and former owner, Brewer. Photo © The Paint Horse Journal.

Multiple APHA World Champion, All Rise (Spyder), has been sold to Jennifer Schexnayder of New Road, Louisiana. The three-year-old brown overo gelding by All Time Fancy and out of Reserve World Champion mare, In Good Company, was raised by Elizabeth "Spike" Brewer of Wilson, North Carolina.

"I loved Spyder ever since the first time I saw him," says new owner, Jennifer Schexnayder, who trains with Jason Martin and Charlie Cole of Highpoint Performance Horses in Pilot Point, Texas. "He just is one of those incredibly talented horses who has a great long trot and amazing feel when you are loping around," she says. 

Jennifer continues, "Words can not even begin to say how thankful I am to Elizabeth Brewer for allowing Spyder to become part of the family. I am also grateful for Charlie and Jason for allowing a little more color in the barn!"

"From day one, you just knew Spyder was going to be something," says breeder and former owner, Brewer. "He always had an air about him, even as a baby. He was never mean, but just ornery and confident. And, he always loped everywhere he went. He would lope around, switch leads and point his toe like you don't see a lot of babies do."

Spike says that his personality also matches his talent. "He is a very friendly horse and loves people. He will lay his head on your shoulder and put all his weight on you and try to take a nap in that position. He's loaded with personality and it's almost like he knows he's special."

Brewer says winning the 2012 Amateur Classic Junior Hunter Under Saddle at the APHA World Show unanimously was definitely the highlight of her year.

"First to be a World Champion is a huge accomplishment, but to do it unanimously and on a horse you raised is just the best feeling I can possibly imagine," Spike says. "After the individual placings were called, I went over and hugged my husband and my mom. My mom said to me she knew my dad (who passed in 2009), would be so proud. It's like I could feel him smiling down from above at that moment. He was a big fan of raising them so he would be ecstatic that it worked out so well."

Brewer explains that she wasn't actively trying to sell Spyder, but that it made sense after his dominating performance at this year's Paint World Show. At the show, All Rise, won five NSBA bronzes, two World Champion buckles, one Southern Belle trophy, and approximately $6,000 in prize money.

"Spyder made all my dreams come true and he was my once-in-a-lifetime horse. But he is such a talented horse, he has a bright future ahead of him in more events than just the hunter under saddle. So, to have him go to Highpoint just made complete sense and I couldn't of hand picked a better program for him to go to," Spike says.

Brewer says she would like to thank her trainers, Joy and Justin Wheeler, for all of her and Spyder's success this year, her mother, and, her husband, Jody Brewer, who supports and encourages her with the horses and just helps keep her grounded day in and day out.

Photo © Larry Williams

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