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One of Erickson's favorite moments was in 1995 when they won the World Championship in the Pleasure Driving under all five judges.
Talent, good looks, and star power are some of the adjectives that describe the late Sonnys Hot Jazz (Sonny). The three-time AQHA World Champion and Multiple Congress Champion passed away at the age of 25. Sonny also sired multiple Congress and World Champions including GI Jazz, Sonnys Hot Fantasy, Mostly Sunny Days, Sonnys Cool Jazz, and Zippos Hot Jazz to name a few.

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Picture #1 features Tami McAllister and Mike Garnett. Happy birthday to Tami McAlister and happy retirement to Joanne's husband, Mike.
Hello Everyone! My name is Joanne Garnett from Lincoln, Nebraska. I am here in Amarillo, Texas at the AQHA Adequan Select World Championship Show. I will be showing my two faithful companions, So Much Potential (Louis) in trail, western riding, and horsemanship and A Sudden Illusion (Earl) in the performance geldings, pleasure, trail, and western riding. I will be your "Go to" for the GoHorseShow picture of the day. I wish the best of luck to everyone showing and enjoy the ride!

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"Suzie has the best personality and loves attention," Marilyn says about her spoiled teammate. Photo © Impulse Photography
Ken and Marilyn Masterson of Masterson Farms have been on the go this summer show season. With all of the activity at their farm and with the great success of RL Best Of Sudden, there has been little downtime for the couple. Marilyn Masterson has been busy qualifying for the Select Amateur World Show with her mare, Suddenly Its Time (Suzie). 

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The industry’s most talented amateur riders ages 50 and over and their American Quarter Horses will take center stage at Tri-State Fairgrounds in Amarillo.
The industry’s most talented amateur riders ages 50 and over and their American Quarter Horses will take center stage at Tri-State Fairgrounds in Amarillo. With more than 1,300 entries at this year’s Adequan Select World, it will be a show you don’t want to miss. The show’s official videographer, Mustang Productions, and official webcast provider, iEquine, bring all of the action to viewers.

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Shorty 001
"What I enjoy most about my job is the caliber of horses I have the privilege to work with everyday," Smith states. Photo © Don Trout Photography
GoHorseShow was recently given the opportunity to speak with 29 year-old Adam Smith, a new up-and-coming trainer who works for Highpoint Performance Horses. Smith, who is originally from Dobson, North Carolina sat down with our intern, Lauren Wilhelm and discussed more about his background and future plans.

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Percy had a successful NSBA World Show where he was third in the BCF Limited Open Pleasure and third in the NSBA Limited Open Pleasure with Brad Ost. Photo © Larry Williams

Nineteen year-old Miranda Mitten of Orange County, California is excited to announce her purchase of 2012 Congress Western Pleasure Champion, Sudden Persuasion (Percy) from Bonnie Sheren of Studio City, California. "We drove down to Highpoint Performance Horses to try him out, and I absolutely loved him," Mitten told GoHorseShow, who rides under the supervision of Kellie Hinely of Trendsetter Performance Horses. 

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His get has amassed over 15,374 AQHA points in all divisions combined and impressive earnings of $272,444.58 in AQHA Incentive Fund and $197,613.58 in AQHA World Championship Show earnings. Photo © Kelly Graphics
Fossil Gate Farms of Argyle, Texas is sad to announce the passing of two-time AQHA World Champion and leading halter sire, Mr Yella Fella. According to owner Linda Gordon, the 19 year-old palomino halter stallion was euthanized due to a painful orthopedic condition. Gordon told us that the gentle giant was buried at the farm on Friday.

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A huge thank you to Taylor Searles reporting for us and ending up third in the hunt seat equitation.
GoHorseShow is excited to have Taylor Searles reporting for us from the AQHYA World Show. Searles is a Multiple Congress and AQHYA World Champion. Her parents are trainers, Jim and Deanna Searles, from Scottsdale, Arizona. Her brother, Trent, may also be seen around the shows and is very supportive. Taylor is competing at this year's AQHYA World Championship Show with her three horses: Flashy Attraction, Al Be Sweet On You, and She Says Aloha. Check out her report from Day 7 of the show!

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Although Dreamy, my pleasure horse, got injured and we were unable to show, I'm thankful that Equine Sports Medicine was there to take care of her.
Hi everyone! My name is Abby Floyd from Searcy, Arkansas. I'm here in Oklahoma City with my halter horse, Candys Mirror Image and my pleasure horse, Hot And Dreamy. This is my third World Show with Candy, who I consider to be my lucky horse since we have been World and Reserve World Champions. Good luck to all the contestants, I wish you all the best! Check out my picture of the day from the sixth day of the show.

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