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Published 10/23/2014 - 3:01 p.m. CDT

"He is such a great mover and sweet horse," Cee Money's owner, Dan Yeager told GoHorseShow following their first Congress Championship together.
Always a bridesmaid and never the bride...Dan Yeager and Cee Money can no longer say that. With a first, a second and two thirds, Yeager and Money cemented their first Congress win together Thursday in the Select Amateur Showmanship. Money had already won four Reserve Congress Championships, three earlier in the week and one in 2013, but they finally broke the reserve streak for their first Congress Championship together.

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Published 10/23/2014 - 8:14 a.m. CDT

"We are so grateful to the trainers, exhibitors and mare owners that allow our boys to shine at this level," says Debbi Trubee, Pine View Farm Breeding manager. Pictured here For One Knight Only by Invitation Only. Photo © NSBA
Pine View Farm, home of Invitation Only, Lazy Loper, Winnies Willy, The Best Martini and Lopin Lazy, would like to congratulate their futurity and maturity western pleasure winners so far at the Congress. The two year-old events have wrapped up and of the six classes offered for two year-olds, Pine View Farm stallions, Invitation Only and Lazy Loper sired five Champions, one Reserve Champion and nine Top 10's.

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Published 10/23/2014 - 6:00 a.m. CDT

Pictured is the sun! It's a rare sight to see in Columbus, Ohio in October.
GoHorseShow is excited to have Debbi Trubee of Pine View Farm doing the picture of the day for us at the Congress. Pine View Farm is the home of Invitation Only, Lazy Loper, The Best Martini, Winnies Willy and Lopin Lazy. Trubee along with Roger Landis are the breeding managers for the farm, and we are thrilled she wanted to share her pictures with us from the 48th Anniversary of the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Check out her pictures from the show.

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Published 10/22/2014 - 10:21 p.m. CDT

Contributing to the value for mare owners, the DeGraff Stables stallions participate in many of the Breeders Incentive programs available.
Fall is here and it is time to begin thinking of that new suitor for your favorite mare this spring! DeGraff Stables, offering the best in pleasure and performance bloodlines, are pleased to present their exceptional lineup for 2015. New to our farm for the coming season is Fiesta Fudge by Zips Chocolate Chip, owned and promoted by Myers Horse Farms Inc. We are delighted to add this genetic diversity to our World Class Stallion offering.

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Published 10/22/2014 - 6:00 p.m. CDT

The Congress attracts more than 650,000 people to the Columbus area, bringing more than $180 million to the central Ohio economy.

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is the World's Largest Single-Breed Horse Show. The show receives more than 17,000 horse show entries during its three-week schedule. The Congress attracts more than 650,000 people to the Columbus area, bringing more than $180 million to the central Ohio economy.

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Published 10/22/2014 - 12:02 p.m. CDT

On October 17, 2014 with 77,062 points, Invitation Only surpassed Zippo Pine Bar for the All Time Leading Sire of Points Earned, a title Zippo Pine Bar has held since 1996. Photo courtesy OQHA.
The All American Quarter Horse Congress is proud to be rolling out the red carpet for a very special guest. In this unprecedented appearance Invitation Only “Invy” will be recognized for becoming the #1 All-time Sire of AQHA Points. We will have a number of very special guests in attendance that have been instrumental in helping to achieve the pinnacle of this stallion’s breeding career. This presentation will take place on October 25 during the Masters.

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Published 10/22/2014 - 10:00 a.m. CDT

"The moment we went through the tunnel we didn't just show up; we were here to show," Delaney states.
You would've never guessed after watching 13 year-old Delaney Dickens of Omaha, Nebraska at Congress that she just started riding less than a year ago and showing six months ago. The talented young rider made the finals of the Novice 13 & Under Horsemanship with her veteran mount, Ima Struttin Solo (Joe/Joey). The new team was 16th out of 80 of the best horses in the country. Even at 20 years-old, no tail, and blind in one eye, Joey still has the heart of a champion.

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Published 10/22/2014 - 6:00 a.m. CDT

If you haven't made it to Congress this year, I hope that my daily reports have kept you up-to-date with the exciting things happening here in Columbus, Ohio.

As the 2014 Congress is winding down, there are so many things to remember. Today, the Congress has over 20,000 entries, attracting more than 650,000 trainers, exhibitors and spectators making for a busy three weeks. The weather hasn't been all that we've hoped, with rain and chilly temperatures but that's the Congress! You never know what the weather is going to be like and it changes year to year.

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